SteriPlant Sanitizing Water

Safe Sanitizing with electrolyzed water

Safe Sanitizing – Neutralized, electrolyzed water is the safest way to disinfect and sanitize entire rooms, homes, offices, hotels and other spaces.  A Swiss technology, electrolyzed water is produced from filtered tap water and NaCl (salt) so it’s 100% safe.  The result is a positively charged “super water” that neutralizes negatively charged viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus within seconds.  With the recent SARS-2 crisis raising awareness of viral dangers, electrolyzed water provides a safe way to assure clean, sanitized living spaces for your family and your customers.

“Now certified to kill human coronavirus..” (Download Test Results)

SteriPlant is the perfect solution for reducing the dangers of coronavirus and other diseases. With SteriPlant you can be assured your living and working spaces are safe from disease causing bacteria and viruses, while also knowing you are using a product that is not harmful to people or pets. Make your living environment safe with a safe sanitizing product!

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