Since 2013, Green Footprint Solutions Ltd (GFS), has been helping hotels, food processors, factories and families with earth safe, people safe, cost saving products and technologies. Headquartered in Bangkok, we offer products throughout Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

green-planetGFS brings you three unique, green technology products to benefit commercial and residential spaces.

Biotechnology is the use of safe, beneficial micro-organisms to make commercial products. InnuScience from Canada has been developing biotechnology cleaning and wastewater treatment solutions for more than 25 years. With toxic chemical use steadily increasing (more than 3900% in the last 50 years), causing human and environmental problems, InnuScience biotechnology offers a completely safe and very effective, low cost alternative.

Mineral ionization of pathogens is a better method for sanitizing water than chlorine, a severely toxic chemical that has been in use for decades. From swimming pools to spas to sanitizing feedwater for livestock, chlorine is an overused danger in our businesses and homes. Puresan, developed and produced in South Africa, is a safe, effective alternative. Using a combination of metals in solution, it quickly and thoroughly eliminates bacteria, coliforms, viruses and algae. Applications range from swimming pools, to surface sanitizing, to livestock feedwater, to bottle washing and bulk water sanitizing.

Saving your energy, and making your businesses more profitable and efficient, makes good business sense. And it makes good environmental sense, too. Automatic control technologies reduce energy use when rooms are not occupied and make rooms more comfortable when they are. Honeywell motion-based aircon control systems save 20% – 30% of your energy use and payback in less than 3 years.

Get in touch with us – we’ll help you save money, improve your home and office safety and leave a “greener footprint” for our children.