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Why do smart hotels choose our team of experts?

We combine decades of professional experience in hotel sustainability projects to offer you solid guidance and a clear pathway to a smarter, smoother energy efficient hotel. This creates a faster return on investment and much better long-term value.

Improve bottom line profits & extend equipment life-cycle

Meet customer expectations for environmental sustainability

Increase occupancy rates with green marketing

We are ready to help you.

Common Challenges

We Provide Solutions

Don’t waste time with single solution vendors. Using a wide variety of sustainable options, we help you determine what you need and what you want.

Overhyped savings claims can create doubt and disbelief

Don’t believe energy savings hype is real? Want confidence in the technology and the results?


Our solutions are custom tailored to your needs for the best results


Best practices and proven technologies create provable benefits

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Getting started with energy sustainability can be daunting

Difficult to know where to start? Cash flow forcing you to choose between renovations and sustainability?


With our structured financing, you’ll have a positive cash flow from day one


We evaluate first and then create a viable sustainability roadmap for you

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Our Skilled Team

With multiple decades of experience in all types of hotel sustainability solutions, our team cannot be matched in terms of knowledge, professionalism and reputation.

Tom Grimm

Energy Sustainability Consultant

Tom brings over 35 years of sales and project experience and a MS in Engineering to the team. His experience is focused in the hospitality industry and includes projects involving ienergy efficient lighting, hotel and building energy management systems, biotechnology cleaning and water sanitizing.


Energy Sustainability Consultant

Pradeep’s 35 years of sustainability experience includes energy auditing and modeling and projects in building management, air quality and solar PV in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. Currently, he serves as senior energy consultant for Amazon’s global real estate division.

Tony Pace

Green Technology Expert

Tony brings 20 years of successful project experience in hotel sustainability to the team. His company operates throughout the Indian Ocean Islands, including Mauritius, Seychelles and the Maldives. Pace recently was awarded the “Best Hospitality Green Technology Supplier 2023 – East Africa” by Lux Life Hospitality.

Silvo Reale

Energy Controls Expert

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Silvio has held key positions with some of he best known brands in he industry including Honeywell, Siemens, VDA and Interel. Currently, he is MD of his own company, EGRMS, providing room technology options to the hospitality industry.

Chris Seeley

Energy Sustainability Expert

Chris has a PhD in Energy Sustainability and more than 15 years experience implementing a variety of supply side and demand side energy projects. His company is based in Bangkok, but has also implemented projects throughout southeast Asia.

Daryl Brett

Hotel Guest Room Technology Expert

Daryl has 3 decades of experience with major hospitalty GRMS and EMS vendors working in a variety of regions across the globe. Currently, Daryl heads up hospitality business development for MySmart Intelligent Environments, based in Sydney, the leading systems integrator in Australia.

Our Focus is

Energy Sustainability

Our team provides a wide selection of technology solutions for existing hotels that can be tailored to your property and budget requirements. Technology that is good for business.

Our clients value trust & experience 

The following represents but a few of the many hotels we have serviced in the past.

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